FotoTagger 2.10

FotoTagger 2.10 - FotoTagger is a free software tool for annotating JPEG images quickly and easily. Place on an image movable annotation notes that point to individual elements visualized on the image. Display your tags in a form of balloons.

Identify people and objects. Mark notable details. Create image macros, talking pictures and books of comics from your photos.

Comment specific objects. Instantly find a particular person, object, or comment among image collections. Do you use Flickr? Annotate pictures with FotoTagger and upload them to your Flickr account in a few seconds.

FotoTagger annotations are preserved and converted to Flickr notes so you can edit them by using Flickr online tools. Download images from Flickr with Flickr notes transformed to FotoTagger annotations and edit them with FotoTagger! Publish whole folders or only selected images to Flickr at once. Bulk download from Flickr is also supported.

FotoTagger lets you publish annotated pictures to blogs at and LiveJournal, as well as share annotated images through the Web and email. Export whole folders or only selected images to in order to create Web galleries of annotated images. View them as an automatic slide show or browse manually. The galleries can be burned on a CD or uploaded to a Web site that gives you new opportunities for sharing your annotated image collections.

Annotations do not change an original image so moving and sharing files keep annotations intact.
FotoTagger includes Organizer that lets you explore and organize images stored on you computer directly from FotoTagger. Use one tool to annotate images, browse folders, view thumbnails, copy or move images, view Exif, IPTC data, and more.

FotoTagger also provides basic features for viewing an image, including zoom, rotation, and resize. You can also edit an image in external imaging software without the risk to lose annotations. Add searchable comments to individual pictures or groups of images at once.

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